Q: I lost my username and password. How do I get a copy of it?

A:When you do not know your username and password, you can use the password request feature on the login page Enter the email address you used on the listing. If listings with that email address are found, then all the information for those listings will be sent to your email. Retrieve the information from the email(s) and enter it on the login page to update your listing.

Q: I can’t find the update page. Where is it?

A: You can access it directly by going to the login page
You can also find it by clicking on the “Update Listing” link at the bottom of every Infignos page.

Q: How do I add a listing?

A: On the bottom of every Infignos page, there is a link to “Submit a Listing” (also can be accessed directly. Follow the instructions and fill out the form to get your listing on Infignos.

Q: How do I add a photo to my listing?

A: On the page to update your listing, there should be an add photo link at the bottom. Click on it and it will take you to the upload photo page. Follow the instructions and you should be taken back to your update page again where you can see the picture. If it is satisfactory, click on the update listing button at the bottom to save your changes.

If you do not have your photo on your computer and need us to scan it for you, send $5 and your photo to:

Buyers USA
P.O. Box 367
Anniston, AL 36202

Q: I can’t find my listing. What do I do?

A: Type the company name in the search box (there’s one on almost every Infignos page) to try to find your listing.

If that produces no results, email the Directory Manager (dirmgr@buyersusa.com) with your email address, company name, and website address (if applicable).

Q: Why was my listing deleted?

A: Your listing could’ve have been deleted for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is not having a valid email address for your listing. This can be misspelling your email address or not providing a working email address.

The listing could also be deleted if you write your listing in ALL CAPS. Also if you take advantage of our free service by spamming us by posting your listing in categories that do not apply or by posting way too many listings, you will be deleted.